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What is a Free Walking Tour?

It's a guided walking tour, focused mainly on providing travelers with an authentic and local experience of the city that they are visiting. The tour is great for single travelers, couples, and families. It serves as a tour where travelers can connect with each other as well as form ideas on what they may want to further explore, during their time in the city or town. With our Free Walking Tour we hope to promote our local community and give travelers an experience in which they feel connected and informed.


  • To support the promotion of local business and tourism in Mexico.

  • Activities promoting the integration between visitors and locals; developing 

  contacts and cooperation among people.

  • Promotion of México abroad.

  • Preservation and promotion of México, customs and traditions.

How are we going to do it?

  • Through the promotion of local business and cultural events in San Cristobal, we want travelers to be aware of what is happening in the city so that our communities can thrive.

  • On site cultural activities where travelers are given the opportunity to participate, make comments, and ask questions.

  • Sharing knowledge and history behind both Mexican and local traditions. 

  • Providing knowledge of the national heritage, with a special emphasis on the places of the Cultural and Historical Heritage list. - Sharing information of our national heritage throughout Mexico, our Walking Tours are based on locations that have been noted on the Cultural and Historical Heritage List in Mexico.

  • Supporting active tourism where travelers have a chance to engage with local people, learn about culture, and overall, participate in our city.

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